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Studio Series
Enclosure Type
Ported (down-firing)
Power Consumption(Full Power/Idle)
300w (2.5A@120V) peak
Frequency Response
32Hz - 200Hz (-6dB)
Height (in)
Weight (kg)
Weight (lb)
Width (mm)
Width (in)
Depth (in)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
RCA line-level and LFE inputs
Volume level, crossover frequency. phase
Power Requirement
120V 60Hz (US); 220V-230V, 50Hz/60Hz (EU)
Power Consumption (Standby)
less than 1W (8mA@120V)
Low-Frequency Transducer
8" (200mm) cone (down-firing)

Listen with more than just your ears.

Powerful, enveloping bass can make you feel transplanted into another place, whether it’s the high-energy action of a movie or the middle of a rocking concert hall. JBL® engineers have designed and optimized the Studio SUB140P powered subwoofer to create that very sense of losing yourself within sound playback to create the foundation for an immersive, realistic experience. The SUB140P includes a powerful 150-watt, 8-inch (200-millimeter) low-frequency driver that fires downwards instead of outwards, a configuration that prevents any unwanted interactions with walls and the sound reflections that result from the interaction. Instead, the sound travels upwards through the room, resulting in clean, crisp bass.

The Studio SUB140P features an 8-inch (200-millimeter) low-frequency transducer that delivers chest-thumping audio – but it’s accurate enough to articulate individual sounds at sustained low frequencies. Such immersive bass creates a foundation that is powerful enough to support an entire surround-sound experience.
The Studio SUB140P subwoofer’s 150-watt RMS amplifier means that the sub can develop high-energy sound levels without adding unwanted artifacts. A built-in limiter prevents the distortion that results from sudden peak levels and thereby turns a sound experience from the merely impressive into the completely immersive.
Energy efficiency is a priority; so too is low heat output. The Studio SUB140P’s built-in digital amplifier fulfills both functions but doesn’t skimp on your primary requirement: powerful low-frequency sound.
Unlike other subwoofers, the Studio SUB140P is not housed within a sealed enclosure. Instead, the SUB140P features a bass-reflex enclosure, which provides movie soundtracks and music with the breathing room they need to sound realistic with little or no distortion.
The Studio SUB140P’s driver fires downwards instead of outwards, a configuration that prevents unwanted interaction with walls and the sound reflections that result from the interaction. Instead, sound travels upwards through the room, resulting in clean, crisp bass. As a result, you can place the SUB140P anywhere in a room without worrying that it’ll produce the artificial “boominess” that can detract from the realism of a surround-sound experience.
A two-position phase switch ensures that the Studio SUB140P’s bass transducer moves in sync with your main loudspeakers. The subwoofer’s low frequencies will blend seamlessly with sounds from other speakers, regardless of where you put the subwoofer. Also, an adjustable crossover frequency lets you optimize the Studio SUB140P for different choices of main/satellite loudspeakers.
A choice of LFE (low-frequency effects) or line-level inputs means that you can either use or bypass the Studio SUB140P subwoofer’s internal crossover circuits. Such an option provides greater flexibility in how you set up and use the SUB140P, while it ensures noise-free connections to virtually any type of AV amplifier or sound center.
The JBL Weave design is a perfect convergence of form and function. Able to stand out or blend in with the finest décor, the Weave makes the Studio SUB140P’s trapezoidal enclosure is as functional as it is pleasant to the eye.

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