ES 150PW

ES 150PW

10 inch Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Vendido desde 2008 hasta 2013

Producto predecesor: PERFORMANCE P10SW
Producto sucesor: ES 150P
Hecho en: China

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Especificaciones del producto

Amplifier Power (RMS)
300 Watts
Peak Dynamic Power
500 Watts (Peak Dynamic Power is measured by recording the highest center-to-peak voltage measured across the output of a resistive load equal to minimum impedance of the transducer, using a 50Hz sine wave burst, 3 cycles on, 17 cycles off)
Subwoofer Transducer
10 inch (250mm) PolyPlas
Wireless 2.4GHz, Line-Level, LFE
Low-Pass Frequency
Adjustable from 50Hz – 150Hz
Frequency Response
25Hz – Low-pass crossover setting
$599.95 each
Frequency Response
27Hz – 150Hz
Crossover Frequencies
50Hz – 150Hz; 24dB/octave, continuously variable
Weight (kg)
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight (lb)
Height (in)
Depth (in)
Depth (mm)
Width (in)
Subwoofer... 39 lb (19.5kg)
Transmitter... 0.5 lb (0.2kg)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Subwoofer... 18 inch x 13-1/4 inch x 16-1/8 inch (457mm x 337mm x 409mm)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Transmtter... 3-3/4 inch x 4-7/8 inch x 3-15/16 inch (95mm x 124mm x 100mm)
Low Pass, ID code selector, Crossover frequency, Level, Phase
Line-Level input LFE Input
Amplifier Power (Peak)
Amplifier Power (RMS)
Power Requirement
AC 120V~60Hz 2A
Low-Frequency Transducer
10" (250mm) PolyPlas™

The ES150PW WIRELESS powered subwoofer delivers all the bass impact and excitement to your home theater while making set up a snap. A 2.4GHz wireless transmitter means that those long subwoofer cables are a thing of the past allowing you to place the sub anywhere in the room. Special effects in your favorite movies are loud and clear, without unwanted distortion or boominess. A powerful amplifier delivers up to 500 watts of peak power. Convenient level and crossover-frequency controls, and a phase switch let you tailor the sub's performance to your room's acoustics. Available in a black or cherry finish with a black grille.

Lightweight, rigid 10-inch (250mm) PolyPlas™ produces uniform pistonic motion, and effortless, high impact bass. Premium components like PolyPlas and the HeatScape™ motor structure give you less distortion, less internal resonances, and the freedom to play it loud and long.
With 300 watts RMS and 500 watts of peak power, the subwoofer will knock you out. And distortion is minimized even at high volumes. It provides the ultimate in home theater and audio quality that’s up to HD video quality.
This front-firing subwoofer has the JBL® computer-optimized bass reflex port to extend deep bass response, eliminate unwanted turbulence and rattle the walls.
With a frequency response of 27Hz to 150Hz, you hear the truth and exactly what the audio professionals who created the sound intended. There’s never a change to the music mix, the timbre of voices, the original design.
Put the JBL® ES150PW anywhere that makes sense in your home theater setup. It’s magnetically shielded for placement on the floor wherever you want, including right near your TV or video display.
Subwoofers are the most difficult speakers to place perfectly to avoid peaks and dips. With the JBL® ES150PW, you have maneuvering room. And the transmitter and subwoofer each have four selectable ID codes, so there’s no interference from other devices in the room.
The speakers feature a striking, classic black finish, which complements the aesthetics of many flat-panel televisions and nearly any décor.

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