LS 80

LS 80

3-1/2-Way, Dual 8 inch (200mm) Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Vendido desde 2008 hasta ahora

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LS Series
Floor-Standing Speakers
UHF Transducer
3/4 (19mm) Polyester-film, ring-radiator, neodymium magnet, EOS waveguide
Frequency Response
(–3dB) 46Hz-38kHz (–10dB) 35Hz – 40kHz
Crossover Frequencies
400Hz, 6dB/octave, 2.5kHz, 8kHz, 24dB/octave
(2.83V/1m) 90dB
Power Handling (Recommended)
Power Handling (Peak)
Height (mm)
Height (in)
Weight (kg)
Weight (lb)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
Width ( in)
Depth (in)
Low-Frequency Transducer
Dual 8" (200mm) with cast-aluminum frames
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power (watt)
Nominal Impedance (ohm)
High-Frequncy Transducer
2" (50mm) Pure-titanium compression driver, Bi-Radial Horn

Dual 8” (200mm) floorstanding speaker that’s flawless inside and out.

The JBL® LS80 passive loudspeaker is a triumph of acoustical engineering and obsessive craftsmanship. It has dual 8-inch (200-millimeter) low-frequency drivers with cast-aluminum frames, a 2-inch (50-millimeter), pure-titanium compression driver mounted in a proprietary, patented Bi-Radial® horn for detailed sound and a remarkable soundstage and a 3/4-inch (19-millimeter), polyester-film, ring-radiator ultrahigh-frequency driver with a neodymium magnet. A staggered crossover-network design for low-frequency and high-frequency drivers spreads high and low frequencies over a wide listening area. Finally, the speaker’s beautiful, elegantly proportioned cabinets have high-gloss wood panels – perfect in any décor.

JBL engineers designed the LS80 loudspeaker to produce precise, full-range sound from a receiver or amplifier capable of delivering up to 400 watts of power.
The LS80’s high-frequency driver is mounted in a patented JBL Bi-Radial horn for rich, stable stereo imaging and a wide, sit-anywhere soundstage. JBL engineers first developed the Bi-Radial horn for audio professionals and their studios. Now, you can have the exceptional Bi-Radial sound at home.
The LS80 has a 2-inch (50-millimeter), pure-titanium high-frequency compression driver. For the ultrahigh frequencies, the loudspeaker has a horn-loaded, 3/4-inch (19-millimeter), polyester-film driver that pushes the frequency response as far as 40kHz, well above the far edge of human hearing.
The room will rock exactly the way you want it to, thanks to the LS80’s dual 8-inch (200-millimeter) low-frequency drivers with a cast-aluminum frame. These woofers reproduce low tones down to 35Hz.
The LS80’s staggered crossover network allows the loudspeaker’s top woofer to cross over to the high-frequency compression driver for a smooth transition of directivity and balanced sound across the listening area.
The LS80 is an achievement in sound – and it looks terrific. This loudspeaker features handsome, high-quality polished cabinets with high-gloss wood panels.
The LS80’s frequency response runs from 35Hz to 40kHz (–10 decibels) with 90dB sensitivity (2.83 volts / 1 meter). It offers a true, full sound range from deep bass tones to ultrahigh frequencies.
With 100 watts of continuous power handling and 400 watts at peak, the LS80 performs like a pro. It uses technology derived directly from JBL Professional products (in movie theaters, concert halls and recording studios) and gives your home theater audio the unparalleled spaciousness and definition it demands.

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