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Under Armour Headphones Wireless - Black - UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL - Hero

Under Armour Headphones Wireless

UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL are designed by athletes for athletes to set the new standard of what a sport headphone should be. Sweat-proof and built to withstand any workout, they’re guaranteed to be the most comfortable headphones you’ll ever wear. They’ll never hurt, fall out, or get in your way. UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL are Bluetooth enabled freeing you from wires and distractions. A 3-button mic handles volume, music/calls, and works with both iPhone and Android devices. Included with purchase is a membership to MapMyFitness Premium, allowing you to monitor your health and track your progress. Power every workout with JBL Signature Sound so you can finish strong. UA Headphones Wireless - Engineered by JBL – this is the sound of high performance.

Especificaciones del producto

Especificaciones generales

Speaker drivers JBL 5.8mm dynamic
Battery type Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cylindrical Cell (3.7V 2 x 60 mAh)

Especificaciones de sonido

Frequency Response 10Hz–22kHz

Especificaciones del altavoz

Driver Premium 5.8mm Dynamic Driver

Especificaciones de conexión y control

Connector Micro USB cable for charging
Consulta los documentos para ver las especificaciones en profundidad

Documentos y descargas

Fichas de especificaciones

Contenido de la caja

  • 1 x Pair of UA Headphones Wireless Headphones
  • 1 x Micro USB charging cable
  • 2 x Sets of enhancers (size 5 and 7)
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Year Premium Membership to MapMyFitness redemption card
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Preguntas frecuentes y procedimientos

¿Cómo conecto mis auriculares UA BT a un dispositivo diferente?
Para el pareado un dispositivo Bluetooth diferente, asegúrese de que la unidad esté apagada. A continuación, mantenga presionado el botón central durante unos 3 a 5 segundos. Podrá ver una luz intermitente en colores rojo/azul mientras la unidad está el modo pareado y la indicación de voz dirá “looking for device” (buscando dispositivo). Los auriculares UA BT aparecerán en el dispositivo con el que está intentando el pareado. Elija esa opción y espere a que la voz audible indique “connected” (conectado).
How do I change the enhancers?
To remove the enhancer, pinch the edge opposite of the sound tunnel between your thumb and forefinger and firmly pull up and off the ear bud. Replacement enhancers are specific to the left and right ear bud. An (L) or (R) and size indicator is located on the inside of the enhancer. When changing the enhancers, you must place the right enhancer on the right ear bud and the left enhancer on the left ear bud. Firmly grasp the earbud with one hand and align the sound tunnel of the enhancer with your other hand and stretch the enhancer up and over the top of the red earbud. Check the alignment of the sound tunnel to insure best sound performance. If sound is muffled or weak, check and rotate sound tunnel. Most people use the same size for Right and Left but it is possible to use different sizes because some ears are not symmetrical. - If you’re unable to find a secure fit with both sizes in the box, we can send you a complimentary sizing pack with two additional sizes. Please email ua.jblsupport@harman.com to request yours today.
Can I connect the headphones to my UA band?
Yes, Once you've added your UA Sport Wireless Heart Rate to the UA Record mobile app any workout started on your UA Band will automatically connect to the headphones if powered on and present. The Band will indicate the heart rate sensor is connected and begin showing your heart rate zones using the color LED on the side of the Band.
Are the Earphones Waterproof?
The product is Water Resistant and Sweat Resistant, but you cannot swim with these headphones.
When will I know that there is a low Battery?
You should hear the audible voice stating ‘low battery’ when you have about 20 minutes left of battery life left on the UA WIRELESS headphones. If you have an Apple device, you will actually be able to see the battery life in the upper right hand corner of the device next to the BT symbol.
How do I clean my Earphones?
We recommend cleaning the earphones with audio or electronic wipes.
What is MapMyFitness?
MapMyFitness is the World’s Largest Digital Fitness Community.
UA Sport Wireless" Battery Information
The device is charged by a standard micro USB charger. To charge the unit, gently pull out the rubber cover just below the light indicator on the left side of the inline mic. You will see the the charging cable end.
How do I turn on and pair the UA headphones with my device?
To power on the device, place one of the headphones inside your ear and press and hold the center button on the inline mic. You should hear the audible voice stating, “powering on” and a blue blinking light should appear at the top of the inline mic. If this is your first time connecting to a device, it should immediately go into pairing mode. The device should recognize the UA WIRELESS headphone. Once you select that option, the audible voice should state, “connected”.
Can I Wear the Earphones in the Rain?
Although the product is Water Resistant and Sweat Resistant, continuous exposure to water over an extended period of time may damage your earphones.
Are additional sized enhancers available?
Yes. If neither the size 5 or size 7 enhancers provide a secure fit, our customer care team can send you a complimentary sizing pack with two additional sizes. Please email ua.jblsupport@harman.com to request yours today.
What is the Bluetooth Range?
The Bluetooth range varies. However, you should get up to 15 meters (just under 50 ft) when using the product indoors. If you are using the headphones outside, conditions vary based on surroundings and body mass. For the best connectivity results, please make sure that the device you are paired to is in the front of your body.
How do I connect my UA BT headphones to a different device?
To pair a different Bluetooth device, make sure that the unit is turned off. You then must press and hold the center button for about 3-5 seconds. You should see the light blink red and blue while it is in pairing mode and the audible voice should state, “looking for device”. You should see UA BT Wireless pop up on the device that you are attempting to pair it with. Choose that option and wait for the audible voice to state, “connected”
How do I turn off the device?
Press and hold the center button for 3-5 seconds until the audible voice states “power off” you will briefly see a red light before it completely powers down.
Is the Carrying Case Waterproof?
No, the case is NOT waterproof
How do I redeem my 1-Year Premium Membership to MapMyFitness?
Instructions are located on the back of the “Find Your Fit” insert in the product box. There will be a 15 Character Access Code printed on the insert card, or you can visit www.mapmyfitness.com/promo/UAWireless. If you are not a MMF Member you will need to register on the website before you can redeem your Access Code. If you are already a MMF Member with an Annual Premium Membership you can visit the link and use your code to renew for 1-Year when your membership is up for renewal. Refer to the expiration date on your Access Code to ensure that it does not expire. If you are a MMF Member with a monthly Premium Membership you can cancel your monthly premium and then visit the link to enter the 1-Year Access Code.

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