UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Yellow - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Hero UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Yellow - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Detailshot 1 UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Yellow - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Detailshot 2
UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Yellow - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Hero
  • UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Yellow - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Swatch Image
  • UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition - Purple - Wireless in-ear headphones for athletes - Swatch Image

UA Sport Wireless Stephen Curry Edition

Entrene con más intensidad con Under Armour® Sport Wireless: diseñados por JBL® Estos auriculares inalámbricos y a prueba de sudor eliminan las distracciones de los cables de los auriculares. Un control remoto con micrófono en línea permite controlar el volumen, las pistas y las llamadas y funciona con iOS® y Android™. Una suscripción a MapMyRun™ Premium permite monitorizar el rendimiento y el progreso. Los auriculares UA Sport Wireless nunca molestan ni se caen y ofrecen el sonido emblemático legendario de JBL y rendimiento Pure Bass que le inspira y le motiva para terminar con fuerzas.

Especificaciones del producto

Especificaciones generales

Speaker drivers JBL 5.8mm dynamic
Maximum volume 113dB SPL
Frequency Response 10Hz – 22kHz
Bluetooth version and profiles 4.0, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4, HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2
Bluetooth transmitter frequency and power 2.402GHz - 2.480GHz, < 4dBm
Bluetooth transmitter modulation GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion (3.7V 2x60mAh)
Battery life up to 8 hours
Battery charge time Less than 2 hrs
Controls three-button controller
Connector micro USB
Included zippered pouch, charge cable, size 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 fit adapters, size S, M, and L eartip pairs, MapMyRun premium voucher
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Documentos y descargas

Fichas de especificaciones

Contenido de la caja

  • 1 Par de auriculares UA Sport Wireless: diseñados por JBL
  • 5 Tallas de puntas ergonómicas para el oído (tallas 4, 5, 6, 7 y 8) y 3 pares de puntas para el oído (P, M y G)
  • 1 Estuche de transporte de alta calidad
  • 1 Cable de carga micro USB
  • Guía de inicio rápido
  • Tarjeta de garantía
  • Vale por suscripción a MapMyRun™ Premium
  • 1 Clip deportivo

Preguntas frecuentes y procedimientos

¿Cómo conecto mis auriculares UA BT a un dispositivo diferente?
Para el pareado un dispositivo Bluetooth diferente, asegúrese de que la unidad esté apagada. A continuación, mantenga presionado el botón central durante unos 3 a 5 segundos. Podrá ver una luz intermitente en colores rojo/azul mientras la unidad está el modo pareado y la indicación de voz dirá “looking for device” (buscando dispositivo). Los auriculares UA BT aparecerán en el dispositivo con el que está intentando el pareado. Elija esa opción y espere a que la voz audible indique “connected” (conectado).
What Devices are Compatible with my UA Sport Wireless Headphones?
Any device that has Bluetooth capabilities and supports A2DP stereo audio streaming will be compatible with the Under Armour Sport Wireless headphones
How do I get a secure fit with the UA Sport Wireless?
First, it is very important that you use the correct size enhancers (rubber tips). This headphone features the TwistLock technology that is uniquely designed to fit in the bowl of the ear (vs. inner ear). They may look bigger than traditional earbuds, but this design provides the most secure fit to ensure they never fall-out in the most active workouts. To properly put them on, first make sure you have the Right and Left earbud in the correct ear. The number to indicate the enhancer size is featured on the inside of the enhancer next to the large L or R (left ear, right ear). Next, gently insert the enhancer into your ear with a forward motion towards the jaw, which should twist and lock the enhancer into place. These headphones come with 5 sizes of fit enhancers (4, 5, 6, 7 & 8) and 3 sizes of ear tips (small, medium & large). The fit enhancers sit in the bowl of your ear and are essential for a secure fit, while the ear tips are inserted in the inside of the ear canal and provide sound occlusion. The size 7 fit enhancer and large ear tip comes pre-installed on the headphone. If you experience discomfort wearing the size 7, try the next size down. If you try a smaller size and the headphones fall out easily or the enhancer does not extend fully to the back of the bowl of the ear, you should try a bigger size.
How Do You Change the Enhancers (rubber tips)?
There are 5 sizes of fit enhancers that come with the UA Sport Wireless: (4,5,6,7 & 8). Size 7 on the earbuds and (4,5,6 & 8) labeled on the black poly bags. There are three sizes of ear tips that come with the UA Sport Wireless: small, medium & large. Size medium on the earbuds. Size small and large in the black poly bag. The first time you change the enhancers the material might feel a little stiff. Please make sure to align the funnel of the enhancer tip over the small speaker screen of the headphone casing. To change sizes, remove both the pre-installed ear tip and fit enhancer, starting with the ear tip. When removing the parts, always grab from the base and be careful not to rip the rubber material. Based on your initial experience, identify which size combination may be a better fit. Each size should be clearly labeled in an individual baggy inside your original packaging or you can find the size of the fit enhancers on the inside with a raised stamp marked with either ‘R’ for Right or ‘L’ for Left along with the numbered size. Most people use the same size for Right and Left but it is possible to use different sizes because some ears are not symmetrical. First, align the sound tunnel of the headphone with the hole in the fit enhancer and gently pull the outer edge of the adapter over the edge of the speaker. Next, align the inner grooves of the ear tip with the grooves in the sound tunnel and gently push the ear tip into position. Try a variety of combinations between the enhancers and ear tips to find the best combination, providing comfort, superior sound quality and secure fit. If you’re still having trouble finding the best fit, please contact customer service at
How do I connect my UA BT headphones to a different device?
To pair a different Bluetooth device, make sure that the unit is turned off. You then must press and hold the center button for about 3-5 seconds. You should see the light blink red and blue while it is in pairing mode and the audible voice should state, “looking for device”. You should see UA BT Wireless pop up on the device that you are attempting to pair it with. Choose that option and wait for the audible voice to state, “connected”

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