MS A5001

MS A5001

1-channel subwoofer amplifier (500 watts x 1)

Vendido desde 2010 hasta ahora

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MS Series
Mono / Subwoofer
CEA Rated
$599.95 each
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
2-Ohm Power Output
500W RMS x 1 channel @ 2 ohms
4-Ohm Power Output
500W RMS x 1 channel @ 4 ohms
Remote Bass-Level Control Included
Not Included
Input Sensitivity
Frequency Response
Height (in)
Width (in)
Depth (in)
Height (mm)
Depth (mm)
Width (mm)

Harness the DSP control and Class D low-frequency power

There’s nothing like a subwoofer or two for adding major bass kick to any factory sound system. The JBL MS-A5001 is a compact amplifier with 500 watts of power and outputs to connect up to two subwoofers in parallel. It accepts any line-level or speaker-level output, and features onboard setup tools for easy, foolproof installation. A digital input mixer lets you map your inputs to either output, and sophisticated network circuitry puts you in precise control of the crossover points and slopes. Serious bass is an essential element of any great car audio system, and the MS-A5001 delivers it with easy precision.

The MS-A5001 is a powerful, efficient, premium Class D subwoofer amplifier. Class D topology means lower current draw and operating temperatures, which translate into greater efficiency in delivering high-quality sound. At 500 watts into 4 or 2 ohms (fully CEA-2006 compliant), it has the output to drive one or more subwoofers with powerful impact, all while having minimal effects on your vehicle’s electrical system.
The MS-A5001 leverages the power of digital signal processing (DSP) with its unique input mixer. All output-level settings, channel assignments and active crossover functions are handled through this powerful DSP engine to highly accurate tolerances. Should power be disconnected or lost, the unit will retain all of your settings in a non-volatile memory. And DSP technology, found in many high-end signal processors, is built right in.
The MS-A5001 provides top-panel control via a combination LED display and rotary-encoder control with just two navigation buttons. All necessary setup processes are aided with a menu-driven CD that’s included with the unit. Once you set up the unit, you need never worry about the controls being pushed or tweaked, since all settings remain in the unit’s memory even when the power is disconnected.
The MS-A5001’s digital input mixer features 97 individual crossover settings between 20Hz and 20kHz, for either low- or high-pass (as a subsonic filter) configuration, to match the needs of the subwoofer enclosure and audio-system configuration precisely. In addition, the unit lets you select three different orders of response (roll-off): 6, 12 or 24 decibels/octave.
JBL engineers have built the MS-A5001 for complete compatibility with any OEM (original-equipment manufacturer) audio system. The unit accepts input-signal voltages of up to 20 volts (Speaker wire-to-RCA adapters are included.) It can turn on with a wired input ranging from +5 volts DC to the standard +12 volts DC, allowing more flexibility with low-voltage turn-on circuits. If there is no turn-on circuit, programmable signal sensing can turn the unit on whenever an audio signal is present.
Setting and matching the input levels of the MS-A5001 is an easy and precise exercise with the help of the included setup CD. After you connect and configure the inputs, simply feed the amplifier an input signal and raise the signal source level to its maximum (undistorted) output volume. Then adjust the input controls until the checkmark icon is displayed to indicate that the unit has reached its optimum setting.
The MS-A5001 includes a set of pass-through, pre-amp level RCA outputs that are unaffected by the input mixer so that you can add amplifiers without using splitters or Y-adapters. It’s an efficient way to provide system expansion flexibility without having to run additional cables or make any additional connections.
The MS-A5001 amplifier features robust connection terminals for power, ground, remote turn-on and speakers. The power/ground terminals accept up to 4AWG wire. (We recommend a minimum of 8AWG.) Speaker terminals for each channel pair accept up to 10AWG wire are paralleled to allow multiple subwoofers to connect in a clean and manageable way.
The MS-A5001 has a modest footprint that allows you to install the unit just about anywhere. At 7-3/16 x 8-1/4 inches (183 x 210 millimeters), the mounting area is small enough to work in any vehicle without compromising space. With a height of only 2-3/4 inches (70 millimeters), the amplifier has plenty of clearance to fit under seats, behind panels or in other locations.
The MS-A5001 is compatible with the JBL MS-WBC wireless bass control, which provides shelving bass boost up to 10 decibels at the amplifier without making you connect any additional wires. Its unique shelving-boost functionality lets you add linear boost below 60Hz without affecting its low-pass crossover frequency. You can buy the MS-WBC separately and install it in just about any location within reach of the driver.

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