endure bt

endure bt

Secure Fit Wireless Earphones

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Frequency response
Bluetooth wireless
Dynamic Drivers (mm)

Connect wirelessly to most Bluetooth enabled devices to bring a new level of freedom and mobility to your workouts.
Power a weeks worth of workouts with the JBL Endure’s extended battery life; allowing for longer usage and less frequent charging. JBL Endure also features audible alerts when the battery is low, an on screen battery life indicator, and standby mode when the headphones are not in use.
Tested on a broad range of neck sizes, the personalized fit flexes for optimum comfort and a secure fit even during active use.
Legendary JBL sound that was created by some of the finest sound engineers in the world.
Control music, volume, and phone calls wirelessly through the intuitive controls on the neck band.
Ergonomically designed ear tips comfortably twist and lock into your ear creating a fit that has been tested and proven by athletes to never fall out.
JBL Endure ear tips are made with Flexsoft™, an ultra soft material that will never hurt even during long workouts.
With an IPX rating of 4 you can confidently raise your exercise intensity to new levels without fear of perspiration affecting your gear.

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