280-watt, four-channel amplifier

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Frequency Response
(-3dB) 10Hz–100kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
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The JBL® GTO504 is a great way to boost the power of your car audio system. It’s a compact, 280-watt, four-channel, full-range amplifier with variable electronic crossover and bass boost. It’s engineered for optimum power delivery into numerous impedances with low distortion. It has an aluminum heatsink for improved thermal performance. Its 10Hz to 100kHz frequency response is exceptionally wide. And it comes with a 12dB-per-octave electronic crossover that lets you optimize tuning based on speaker location and accompanying loudspeaker components. What’s more, its full-range preamp outputs enable multiple amplifier hookups without requiring you to use high-loss Y-adapters or signal splitters. Want more power? Just add a pair of JBL® GTO Series loudspeakers.

It’s only 13-3/16 inches (351 millimeters) long, 10-3/8 inches (264 millimeters) wide and 2-1/8 inches (54 millimeters) high, but the JBL® GTO504 full-range amplifier can wield 280 watts of raw power. It’s a great choice to bump up the output level of your car audio system.
The JBL® GTO504 has a 12dB-per-octave electronic crossover – variable from 32Hz to 320Hz – that lets you optimize your car audio system’s tuning based on the system’s components and their location. The transition from bass to higher frequencies is under your command.
For drivers who want to control the power of their car audio system’s lowest tones, the JBL® GTO504 offers a bass-boost control. Adjust the bass by up to 6dB or leave it alone. The choice and the power are all yours.
An amplifier is meant to connect to other components, and the JBL® GTO504’s high-quality Direct-Connect terminals provide connections that you can trust. Its full-range preamp outputs permit multiple hookups without requiring high-loss Y-adapters or signal splitters.
The JBL® GTO504’s 10Hz to 100kHz frequency response stretches above, through and below the range of human hearing to capture everything that your audio sources offer. From symphonies to rap, there’s no sound that the GTO504 can’t handle.

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