640-watt, four-channel amplifier

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Especificaciones del producto

4-Ohm Power Output
80W RMS x 4
Port for Future Accessory Products
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
85dBA (reference 1W into 4 ohms) 102dBA (reference rated power into 4 ohms)
Total Peak Power Output
Number of Channels/Type
4 channels
Input Sensitivity
Remote Bass-Level Control Included
Maximum Input Signal
Frequency Response
(-3dB) 10Hz–100kHz
Peak Power
2-Ohm Power Output
60W RMS x 4

640-watt, four-channel power amplifier with subwoofer output for upgrading car audio systems.

The JBL® GT5-A604 has a lot of raw force – and it’s all under your control. This a 640-watt power amplifier is composed of four full-range amplifier channels that you can configure to run in four-channel mode, in three channels (two full-range stereo channels plus two channels bridged to amplify a subwoofer) or in bridged two-channel mode (for high-power stereo applications). There’s also a variable-bass EQ to tune the amp’s operation to your liking and a bass-boost adjustment control that empowers you to determine how much bass you want. A built-in variable electronic crossover (12 decibels per octave) ensures that each speaker in your system receives an appropriate band of frequencies. Pre-amplifier outputs facilitate easy system building and wiring architecture while eliminating the need for high-loss Y-adapters or signal splitters. And a large, cast-aluminum heatsink firmly controls operating temperatures. All GT5 Series units feature common-dimension footprints, a feature that minimizes the amount of space required and hence optimizes multiple-amplifier mounting applications. The end result is high technology that produces studio-quality audio within your car. Your favorite behind-the-wheel songs will sound like new.

The GT5-A604 amplifier provides the muscle that you need to upgrade your car’s sound system: 320 watts of RMS power, with a peak-power rating of 640 watts. A large, cast-aluminum heatsink prevents all of that power from overheating your system.
You can adjust the transition point between bass frequencies and the remainder of the audio range using a built-in electronic crossover-frequency control (12 decibels per octave) that you can adjust between 32Hz and 320Hz.
You will not need high-loss Y-adapters or signal splitters to connect your GT5-A604 to other system components. Whether you want four-channel or two-channel (bridged) operation, the amplifier’s RCA connectors simplify system hookups.
The GT5-A604 amp’s bass-boost control provides 6 decibels of boost at 50Hz. In other words, this control lets you pour power into the low frequencies, giving additional force to your music’s deepest roars and rumbles.
If you want to adjust your front and rear speakers separately, the GT5-A604 features individual controls to manage the front and rear bass-boost and the crossover frequency. Now, your music will sound exactly the way you want it to.
If you want to adjust your front and rear speakers separately, the GT5-A604 is happy to help. It has individual controls to manage the front and rear bass boost and crossover frequency. Your music will sound exactly the way you want it to.

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